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PAYE: RTI latest

Author: Mark Thomas
Date: 12th June 2013
Tags: RTI

HMRCs light touch approach has been extended

In our RTI update blog on the 24th May 2013, we made reference to the fact that HMRC were taking a light touch approach to small employers who were faced with learning how to process their payroll under the new RTI regime.  Well, it seems that HMRC is even more aware that this extra administrative burden is proving to be more challenging than first anticipated. 

Accordingly, HMRC today announced that their light touch approach will be extended until April 2014.  However, please note that this does not mean employers can avoid having to deal with RTI until then.  Whilst the Revenue is taking a relaxed approach to RTI, they still expect monthly submissions to be made by all employers.

If you haven’t made any online RTI submissions to date then you are not alone.  It is currently estimated that 23% of employers have yet to file any reports.  This is probably largely because many employers simply don’t know what they have to do.  However, we deal with many employers and have set them up under the new RTI system.  Once set up the general consensus of opinion is that it is very easy to operate on an on-going basis.

If you want any help with setting up RTI or dealing with your payroll then please give us a call.

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