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HMRC: Fraudulent emails

Author: Mark Thomas
Date: 23rd July 2013
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It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are in circulation relating to the online submission of VAT Returns but even if you are not VAT registered this could still affect you. Please see more below.

These emails can seem genuine but we would strongly recommend that you PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION.  Such emails are currently being circulated and can be received by anyone - not necessarily just people/businesses that are VAT registered.  The email suggests that the attached .zip file is downloaded and opened.  PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

If you receive such an email then please do not reply to it/follow any links/download any attachments contained within it.  Please contact us immediately so that we can deal with as appropriate.

HMRC provide detailed advice/guidance about their online security policy and details.  We would strongly recommend that these details are reviewed to familiarize yourself with how HMRC approach and deal with online security.  These details can be found here: .

If you have an questions/concerns relating to this matter then please give us a call.

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