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Is your business at risk of false Companies House posting?

Author: Mark Thomas
Date: 15th March 2016
Tags: Companies House

Charlton Athletic CEO’s fake resignation highlights the need for Companies House ‘PROOF’. A recent case of fraudulent posting on Companies House has emphasised the need for every organisation to protect its identity.

It seems that a disgruntled Charlton Athletic FC fan ‘resigned’ the chief executive, Katrien Meire, by forging her signature and posting the resignation on Companies House. (The club is currently next to bottom in the Championship, with 25 points from 31 games, and the worst goal difference in the division of -30.)

There is a simple way to protect your identity from this sort of abuse, and that is by logging onto Companies House and choosing the ‘PROOF’ option, which will then ensure that only your representatives, who hold the correct password information, can post on Companies House.

If you are in any doubt about your position in relation to this issue, please talk to your usual Thomas Croft contact as soon as possible.

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