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PAYE: P11d

Author: Mark Thomas
Date: 1st July 2013
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Are you an employer that provides benefits to any of its employers? If you are then you need to make sure that forms P11d are submitted to HMRC by 6th July 2013. Read more ....

All employers that provide benefits to their employees (such as a company car, car fuel, medical insurance, loans, etc) must submit to HMRC by 6th July 2013 forms P11d reporting details of all such benefits.  The only time when this will not be the case is when the employer has an agreed dispensation with HMRC for any such benefits provided.  If you are an employer that does have a dispensation but provides additional benefits not covered by the dispensation then P11d’s will still need to be prepared and submitted.

Furthermore, most benefits provided will mean that an additional National Insurance charge arises which the employer must pay to HMRC by 19th July 2013.

As always there are penalties for not dealing with the P11d submissions on time so, if you have not yet prepared any P11d’s that need to be submitted, we would urge you to do so asap.  If you need any help with this then please get in touch.

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