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Date: 5th September 2016

Are you ready for the apprenticeship levy?

The way the government funds apprenticeships in England is changing from 6 April 2017.

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Date: 29th August 2016

“It’s age discrimination. Oh – and sex discrimination”

Steve Wright of Twyford HR briefs you on discrimination protection. A German employer, R+V, advertised trainee positions for graduates, and a Mr. Kratzer applied and was unsuccessful. He sent a written complaint to R+V, demanding €14,000 in compensation for age discrimination.

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Date: 15th July 2016

New rights for zero-hours workers

New rules from 11 January 2016 give greater protection to zero-hours workers, protecting them from dismissal and discrimination if they look to work for another employer whilst engaged under a zero-hours contract.

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Date: 8th March 2016

Are you ready for the new National Living Wage?

Steve Wright of Twyford HR gives you the details you need. In April, the Government’s National Living Wage will become law. Anyone aged 25 or over is entitled to be paid a minimum of £7.20 per hour, unless they are in the first year of an apprenticeship.

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Date: 6th October 2015

Employing illegal workers

You can be fined up to £20,000 per person for employing illegal workers. Illegal workers include students with expired visas, or students working more hours than they’re allowed to, or people who work on a visitor’s visa.

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Date: 5th October 2015

The Cost of Employee Relations

Whether it’s equality cases or employment tribunals, we can help, says Alix Passey Brown of Twyford HR Ltd. Since the Equality Act 2010 took effect, the issues around gender, sexism and gender reassignment haven’t been nearly as much trouble as the ‘religion or belief’ issue, but where do you draw the line between having a bit of a laugh in the office or workshop and causing someone serious offence?

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Date: 14th April 2014

Employers PAYE due for M/E 05/04/14

Employers - due to the Easter bank holiday weekend, the payment date for the HMRC remittance due for the month ended 05/04/14 is earlier than usual.

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