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Author: Mark Thomas
Date: 22nd September 2014
Tags: Client Area

The relationship between a business and its accountant involves a lot of sharing of confidential documents. There is no getting round this – it is a legal requirement – but it can become a headache.

Some means of communication, such as email, are less than totally secure; and it can be costly and time-consuming to send large printed documents safely by post or courier. And this needs to happen on a regular basis.

In order to make this process very much more secure, timely, easy – and free! – we have developed the Thomas Croft Client Area, where each of our clients will have a password-protected account, through which you can exchange documents with us – and we can with you – instantly and confidently.

Some of you may already be using this facility.  Others should have received – or shortly will receive – an email from us, inviting you to create your own account in this area.  Please do take advantage of this.  And if you have not yet received this email, please ensure that we have your correct email address(es).

We are sure that you will find your Thomas Croft Client Area account to be a very useful enhancement to your relationship with your accountant.

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