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Tax Enquiries

Tax Enquiries and Investigations by HMRC can be administratively onerous and expensive, stressful and potentially damaging to the current profitability and future prospects of your business. Our Tax Enquiry and Investigation Specialist, Mark Witt, can ease the pressure and advise you on the best course of action

Whether you are already under investigation – or simply fear the impact of an enquiry – we can help by assessing the risk, advising you of your options and plotting the right course for your business to take.

It is a fact of business life that HMRC will make enquiries and investigations into companies from time to time. It is also a fact that certain kinds of businesses are more likely to be investigated than others.  The equine world of studs, horse racing, gambling and sponsorship – where profitability and the reality of a going commercial concern is perhaps more difficult to prove in the short term – is at particular risk.

At Thomas Croft, we are proud of the fact that we keep close to our clients, working year-round to understand the financial challenges that you face.  Feedback from our rural customer base has led us to recruit Mark Witt as a specialist Tax Enquiries Director.

Mark started his career at HMRC in 1991 and since then has built up a well-respected and enviable track record of advising clients under tax enquiry or investigation in over 400 cases.

If you have already received communication from HMRC, Mark can immediately advise you of the correct short-term response, can analyse your accounts, costs and claims, and can then plan with you the longer-term course of action to see the matter resolved in your best interests.

If you are not under investigation, Mark can risk assess your accounts against a future enquiry, advising on interim action that could ameliorate its impact.

If tax enquiries or investigations keep you awake at night, please contact Mark Witt today for a confidential and without-obligation discussion of your needs.

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